A high-performing digital x-ray suite on wheels, FDR Go PLUS features an effortless retractable column design, responsive smooth, quiet drive, and convenient positioning controls to provide amazing flexibility easily within reach of the technologist. Acquire sharp images at low dose, quickly, reliably, and precisely. Workflow and images are complimented with a built-in 19 inch touchscreen workstation, with bedside imaging shortcuts and advanced image processing to meet the most challenging portable imaging demands throughout the hospital.

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Uncompromising in the pursuit of intuitive workflow
Fujifilm’s mobile imaging has been renewed for a more proficient mobile exam experience. Designed to provide sophisticated yet simple harmonized operation, the FDR Go Plus, together with Fujifilm’s trademark image quality and dose performance, offers exactly what you need everyday for your most challenging mobile exams.


Easy, Safe, and Quiet Travel
The retractable column, one of the lowest designs available, combined with a smooth and quiet drive system, provides agile and safe maneuverability and mimal disruption in quiet environments. The intuitive touch-sensing safety bumper stops movement and signals the operator when it senses contact.

Slim, Lightweight Design
The lightweight compact chassis, just 22” wide and 970lb, ensures superb maneuverability even in the tightest of spaces

Dedicated Storage
There are plenty of storage areas to hold both large and small detectors, grids, wipes, gloves, bags, and spare detector batteries. The covered storage bin is perfect for pens, markers, and paperwork. The detector slots are open in the center for easy cleaning and retrieval of objects that may fall inside, and feature a lock to safe-keep detectors from being borrowed or misplaced.

Extra-large Touchscreen Display
The full-functionality console provides immediate image previews at the bedside with fast, easy workflow and sophisticated imaging shortcuts to simplify the most common types of portable exams.


Fujifilm FDR Go PLUS Brochure

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