Corporate Headquarters

Webster Building 1

Every company has a story to tell and usually it spells out the company’s goals and values. At White Mountain Imaging, we like to think that we write our story every day in everything we do in the course of business. That story is about commitment, balance and consistency.

When White Mountain Imaging began in 1981, its only product was the IS-199 Chemical Mixer, the first to utilize specific gravity control and straight forward circuitry. Over the years, the accuracy and reliability of the IS-199 have made it the mixer of choice for more than 15,000 satisfied customers throughout North America.

Like the success of the IS-199, the White Mountain Imaging T2 developer line was built on the need for a simpler and safer two-part developer. In 1991, White Mountain Imaging was so confident that T2 was a better product, we discontinued production of three-part developers and never looked back. Many years of sustained growth in the T2 chemical product line have made White Mountain Imaging the largest independent supplier of x-ray chemicals.

White Mountain Imaging’s main office is in Webster, New Hampshire. We have a production facility in Concord, New Hampshire, and a distribution center in Corona, California. We serve the 50 United States, Canada and worldwide with a dealer network of 100+, as well as growing international distribution.

White Mountain Imaging
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