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We specialize in developing and distributing products and technology solutions for the Medical Imaging market

Every company has a story to tell, a story that spells out the company’s goals and values. At White Mountain Imaging we believe that we write our story every day in the way that we treat our customers. That story is about fairness, commitment and consistency.

When White Mountain Imaging opened its doors in 1981, our only product was the IS-199 Chemical Mixer. Over the years, the IS-199 earned a reputation for accuracy and reliability with over 30,000 customer installations throughout North America. In 1991, White Mountain introduced the T2 line of Processing Chemicals based on the need for a product that would produce the highest quality images while being safer to use at the customer site. Over the next 25 years T2 set the standard x-ray image processing making White Mountain the largest producer of medical and dental x-ray processing chemicals.

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Over the last 10 years White Mountain has expanded its sales and distribution to include Digital Radiography and X-ray Generating Equipment. Partnering with key manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Carestream and Efferent, White Mountain Imaging has set itself apart by offering the highest level of customer support. Our story began by putting our commitment to our customers first. We hope to continue that story for many years to come by focusing on what is truly important – you, our customers.

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