FDR Cross

Fluoroscopy and Portable X-ray in One

Equipped for both standard radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging, this is the lightest in its class. At just 549 lbs, the FDR Cross is more than 150 lbs. lighter than a typical compact c-arm. Its highly maneuverable and ergonomic design allows ease of positioning for all essential procedures. The added ability to offset the tube from the detector housing allows wireless x-ray imaging comparable to that of a conventional portable x-ray system.

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Two-in-one design — fluoroscopy and radiography imaging with one smart device

FDR Cross is an innovative hybrid c-arm and portable x-ray system. Its unique pivoting tube and removable detector allow clinicians to perform fluoroscopic and static radiographic imaging with a single platform. Its articulating design allows flexibility for positioning table-, standing- and even wheelchair radiographic exams, comparable to traditional portable x-ray systems.


Lightweight, compact, space-saving design
Omni-directional front wheels provide smooth travel, turns and sideways movements without skidding. Dual side-mounted brake pedals and wraparound handles enable smooth and secure control for moving and stopping. This superior mobility is extremely helpful in operating rooms where space is tight and equipment position constantly changes from procedure to procedure.

Battery powered, cord-free workflow
Lithium-ion battery performs up to 8 hrs of continuous use and charges from empty to full in just 4 hours. For extended use or when power is low, the system can be used plugged into a standard AC outlet.

Wireless operation for greater safety and convenience
The optional wireless foot switch and monitor cart eliminates the need for cable management and enhances safety in the operating room. The battery powered monitor cart supports wireless HDMI, enabling dual-screen display with no lag.

Integrated articulating touchscreen console provides easy workflow and viewing from any angle
FDR Cross uses a single console for both Fluoroscopy and X-ray imaging. In Fluoroscopy mode, snapshots and last image hold (LIH) captures can be used as reference images for the two-screen display. In Radiography mode, X-ray imaging can be performed for a complete imaging workflow.

Easy-to-use controls
Controls for the arm are conveniently located on both sides — easily within reach for fast, easy operation during procedures.

Choice of panel sizes to meet your ideal workflow and budgetary needs
FDR Cross leverages Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO III glass-free flat panel detectors for advanced fluoroscopic and radiographic image quality. The interchangeable detector encasement is available in 3 sizes 17×17”, 14×17” or 10×12”, allowing versatility to match a wide range of exams, procedures and budget.


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