Fujifilm FDR AQRO

Combining everything you need into one compact, portable digital x-ray system.

Introducing Fujifilm’s new compact, mobile digital x-ray solution designed to simplify your everyday imaging operations. At just 198 lbs., FDR AQRO is nearly 80% lighter than traditional mobile x-ray systems and a lot smaller. It provides easy access to the tightest bedside spaces throughout the hospital.

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Compact, Integrated Mobile DR Solution

Spin and maneuver, single-handedly: The extremely lightweight body with four rotating casters allows precise, easy positioning and travel in any direction and the ability to spin in place. Front and back foot latches lock the cart from travel, with the option to lock rear wheels only to prevent swiveling for easier steering.

Achieve mobile imaging efficiency with three core Fujifilm imaging advancements: The ability to capture sharp images at low dose has culminated in Fujifilm’s latest ultra-high sensitivity DR system. By integrating acquisition innovations and advanced image processing technologies, this lightweight, compact imaging system quickly and easily acquires images at the patient bedside.



  • Ultra-lightweight, Compact Digital X-ray Cart
    • Compact mono-tank X-ray
    • Flexible operation panel
    • Clean design with minimal cords and antibacterial coating on primary surfaces
  • High-Sensitivity DR Detectors
    • Patented ISS reading technology
    • Advanced noise reduction circuitry
    • Lightweight with tapered edges
    • Antibacterial coating, water resistance (FDR D-EVO II only)
  • New Image Processing
    • Dynamic Visualization II: Improves visibility through intelligent data recognition
    • Virtual Grid: Acquires high-contrast images without a grid
  • Light, Intuitive Tube Arm Reach
    • The small lightweight design and extended reach of the tube head allows one-hand operation for easy exam positioning
  • High-performance Battery Minimizes Downtime
    • The Li-ion battery power enables up to 12 hours of continuous use at 20 exposures/hour and rapid charging of 4 hours for full charge


FDR AQRO Brochure

FDR AQRO PowerPoint


Product name: FDR AQRO
Power supply: 100-240 V AC, Single phase: 50-60 Hz, 8-3.3 A
Total width: 21.65” (550 mm) excluding handle, 23.6” (600 mm) including handle
Total length: 33.5” (770 mm)
Total height: 57.5” (1,460 mm)
Weight: 198 lbs. (90 kg)

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