Essentia FS

Digital Radiography Floor Mounted System

Essentia FS is a feature rich digital radiography room solution with a space saving design. The standard configuration includes a generator, floor mounted tube stand, chest stand and table.

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The Essentia FS system features an advanced user-friendly 10″ touchscreen for streamlined controls at the patient side. The graphic interface displays tube angulation, SID, automated tube tracking and more. Complimented with a range of advanced safety and workflow features, Essentia FS is a high performance x-ray system with unparalleled price-performance ratio.



  • 10” Intuitive Touchscreen
    • Preset source to image distance (SID) with Auto Tube Tracking.
    • Real time display of SID and tube angulation.
    • Controls for exam parameters at the patient side, ease patient comfort and technologist workflow.
  • Premium Wall Stand
    • Light, easy positioning with motorized, counter balanced controls and electromagnetic locks.
    • Convenient hand grips optimize safe and steady patient positioning.

System Highlights

  • Auto Sync Tracking with Wall & Table Bucky’s
  • Rotational Column
  • Rotating Detector Trays
  • Wireless Foot Switch

FDX Console with Dynamic Visualization

System integrates with our latest technologist workstation and advanced digital image processing with simplified and customizable user interface. Allows exams to be completed in as few as 2 or 3 mouse clicks. Featuring a large touchscreen display and available secondary 2 megapixel display (option). Provides immediate image previews, image manipulation, and secure reliable network connectivity. Also features SpeedLink integration which automates technique parameters to exam menus, to simplify adherence to site preferences and optimal dose lowering techniques. IHE EI/DI exposure and deviation index and retake analysis functionality also included; along with IHE RDSR radiation dose structured reporting compatibility.

Fujifilm DR Detectors

FDR D-EVO III , FDR ES and SE Lite detectors (options) – system is designed for easy integration with any of Fujifilm’s lightweight, durable DR detectors. The standard 14×17” size is a natural fit for the rotating tray in the table or upright as well as free positioning and tabletop exams. A tray adapter for 17×17″ detector use can be installed in the upright or table bucky during initial service installation. Smaller 10×12″ or 24x30cm detectors are also available for free positioning of smaller anatomy. All detectors models feature Fujifilm’s Patented ISS for low dose, low noise and exceptional image quality. Fujifilm’s latest FDR D-EVO III features a revolutionary glass-free design which maximizes durability and performance and makes them extremely lightweight.


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Generators and X-ray Tubes

  • Generators with 3-point Control Console
    • 40 kW single-phase, 230 VAC, 500 mA
    • 50 kW 3-phase, 230 VAC, 630 mA
    • 50 kW 3-phase, 480 VAC, 630 mA
    • 65 kW 3-phase, 480 VAC, 800 mA
  • X-ray Tubes with focal spot
    • 200 kHu tube (w/40 or 50 kW gen)
    • 300 kHu tube (w/ 40, 50 or 65 kW gen)

Floor Mounted Tube Stand

  • 10” Display with color touchscreen on the tube housing
  • Workflow is enhanced through direct manipulation of examination parameters listed below
    • SID (Source-image distance) measurement
    • Display angle of tube rotation
  • Manual Movement
    • Vertical/longitudinal traved controlled by electric magnet brake
    • Tube rotation : ±135°
    • Tube head telescopic extension: ±4.7 in. (±12 cm)
    • Column rotation : ±90°
  • Travel Range
    • Vertical (Tube) : 58.7 in. (149 cm)
    • Longitudinal (Column) : 100 in. (254 cm)
  • Power Requirement
    • 24 VDC, 3 A

Bucky Wall Stand

  • The stand’s rotating bucky tray accommodates a 14×17″ detector.
  • Bucky tray can be adapted to accommodate a 17×17″ detector during service installation.
  • Manual Movement
    • Vertical travel with electromagnetic brake
  • Vertical travel Range (central beam-floor)
    • Max : 74 in. (188 cm)
    • Min : 15.7 in. (40cm)
  • Power Requirement
    • 24 VDC, 1 A

6-way Patient table

  • The stand’s rotating bucky tray accommodates a 14×17″ detector.
  • Bucky tray can be adapted to accommodate a 17×17″ detector during service installation.
  • Tabletop Dimensions
    • 90 x 32 in.
  • Tabletop Travel Range
    • Left & Right : ±33.5 in. | Forward & Back : ±7 in.
    • Up & down : ±10 in. | tabletop height : min. 21.5 in. ~ max. 31.5 in.
  • Detector Travel Range
    • Left & Right 19.5 in.
  • Max. Patient Weight
    • 550 Ibs.
  • Operation Switch
    • Wireless Foot Switch
  • Power Requirement
    • 120~240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 500 VA

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