Universal Raymaster Chiropractic Imaging System

Chiropractic Imaging System

Universal uniquely combines economy and flexibility in this Universal Upright Raymaster designed to meet specialized and individual professional radiographic needs. The Universal Raymaster system is thoroughly at home in private, group, or clinical applications. It provides full radiographic capabilities, from skull to weight bearing studies.

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This economical system combines our VS100 (3546) Wall Stand with our 3307B M Tube Stand to meet specialized radiographic needs. The VS100’s extensive vertical travel of 58.38 in (148.28 cm) allows for a full range of upright radiographic studies from skull to lower extremities.

System Features:

  • Vertical wall stand with dual counterweight cables and vertical electric locks for added safety
  • Tube stand with 6 ft longitudinal rails and 10 in angulating tube arm
  • Tube stand electro magnetic locks provide positive positioning of vertical and horizontal tube stand positions
  • Mounts floor-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling
  • Tube rotation enables precision alignment of the tube for non-angled, angled and upright views.
  • Convenient display gives indication of tube rotation


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