Universal AVChoice X-Ray System

Dedicated Veterinary Imaging System
High Frequency, Anatomically Programmed

The Universal AVChoice Veterinary X-Ray System is equipped with an integrated tube stand and an anatomically programmed, high frequency generator providing a cost-effective and time-saving solution for the veterinarian who seeks maximum capability in minimum space.

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The Universal AVChoice delivers a comprehensive veterinary imaging solution designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The sturdy, welded construction table provides a smooth surface, urine trap, and can support patients up to 400 lbs. Hands-Free operation with a conveniently placed exposure switch, and foot activated table top release to ensure safety for the veterinarian and the animals being examined. There are release strips are located at both table ends, as well as the front, to maximize operability from all sides of the table. The table lock release functions are electrically powered and quiet to prevent animals from being startled during examinations. The x-ray system operator has the ability to bring the control panel forward or swing the control to either side, for convenient technique setup at the head or foot of the table.

Key Features:

  • Integrated tube stand with variable SID
  • Angulating tube arm
  • Control console on swing out arm mounts to tube stand
  • Available with stationary, 2-way float or 4-way float table top

The operator control panel with APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography) technique setup conveniently mounts on a swing-out arm off either side of the tube stand. This gives the operator the ability to bring the control panel forward or position it to the side for convenient technique setup.


Standard Features:

  • Welded table construction with 400 lb load capacity and urine trap
  • Integrated tube stand with electric locks and variable SID travels full length of table
  • Angulating tube arm, angulation dial and operator handle
  • Electric table locks (on 2-way float and 4-way float table tops)
  • Foot activated exposure switch
  • 17 x 17 in grid cabinet with tube stand interlock
  • Grid: 10:1 ratio, 103 line, 34-44 in focal range
  • Heavy-duty manual cassette tray
  • Certified manual collimator with built-in spare bulb and retractable tape measure
  • X -ray tube: 140,000 heat unit, 1.0-2.0 mm focal spots with 90° horn angle
  • One pair 20 ft high voltage cables, terminated both ends

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