FDR Clinica X OTC Suite

FDR Clinica X Overhead Tube Crane

Manual and auto tracking systems with various generator and tube combinations. The FDR Clinica X offers affordability with advanced functionality. This versatile general radiology room is perfect for low to medium volume hospital, orthopedics and outpatient settings. Features rotating trays with built in detector connectivity. Image quality and dose performance are optimized with Fujifilm’s high sensitivity detectors and refined image processing technology.

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About the FDR Clinica X
FDR Clinica X is a scalable digital x-ray suite for hospital radiology and outpatient imaging departments of all sizes, providing affordability and versatility without compromise. Step up your imaging to deliver Fujifilm’s innovative image processing and high-sensitivity image acquisition technologies to your patient exams.

FDR Clinica X is scalable to meet any department’s budgetary and workflow requirements. The system and its generator controls are fully integrated with Fujifilm’s FDX Console PLUS technologist workstation and lightweight, durable and dose-efficient FDR DEVO II, III and FDR ES detectors.

Ceiling Suspended Tube Stand System Configuration
With easy articulation and a rotating display, the tube extends as much as 63 in. from the ceiling. Optional automated tube height tracking, collimation and centering with the height of the upright or table, eliminates workflow steps to speed exams. Allows the technologist to focus on the patient.


FDR Clinica X OTC Suite Brochure

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