FDX/D-EVO Field Connectivity and Setup

FDX/D-EVO Field Connectivity and Setup

Course Length: 3 Days  |  Cost: $2,000

D Evo
Course Outline

Covers Basic installation, Connection to PACS, D-Evo connectivity, Troubleshooting, PMs, Parts, and additional modality connections.

  • Students will be required to install a FDX console connected to a D-EVO panel that has been pre-staged
  • Students will be required to calibrate D-EVO Panel
  • Students will be required to connect to a PACS and send images to PACS


  • Students should have a laptop for class
  • Resource disk will be provided with manuals and other documentation
  • Class will start at 8:00 am and finish approximately 5:00 pm on Friday
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Course Schedule

Day 1, Introduction/FDX
  • Pre-stage Requirements
  • Licensing FDX Console
  • Version X software and procedures for adding or deleting options
  • Unpack FDX console and connect to network
  • Go over utilities in FDX
  • FDX Configuration
  • User Utility
  • RU PC tool
  • Unpack D-EVO panel
  • Go over major components and purpose
  • Connect D-EVO to FDX
Day 2, D-EVO
  • Move system to X-Ray room & setup
  • Calibrations
  • Do real images
  • Introduction to DICOM
  • History and current usage
  • Terminology
  • Requirements for connection to FDX
  • Issues
  • Tag Mapping
  • Image Quality
  • Connect to PACS
  • Send images to PACS
  • Course evaluation
Day 3
  • Explain Fuji error code
  • Show use of manual to troubleshoot
  • Go through all configuration back-ups to do after installation complete
  • Software upgrading and ECNs
  • Overview of Service manuals
  • PMs
  • Parts
  • Review
  • Test