Essentia SA

Digital Radiographic Straight Arm System

The Essentia SA digital radiography (DR) system is designed for a wide range of standing, sitting and recumbent radiographic exams.

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The Essentia SA digital radiography (DR) system is designed for a wide range of standing, sitting and recumbent radiographic exams. Its semi-automated, pre-programmed system positioning and automated exposure techniques guidance allows fast, efficient workflow with up to 60 site programmable exam positioning shortcuts. Integrated with the latest Fujifilm digital radiography detectors, the system delivers fast image acquisition with exceptional image quality at low patient dose.

The system’s integrated 10” touchscreen at the tube head provides convenient, easy, patient-side controls. Essentia SA is an extremely flexible and cost effective straight arm solution that accommodates the tightest space and budget limitations without sacrificing exam flexibility, premium image quality and amazing low dose performance.


  • Intuitive 10” touchscreen display at tube head, provides simplified patient-side system operation
  • Up to 60 semi-automatic exam pre-sets automate positions of stand height, orientation, and SID
  • User removable grid
  • Dual laser LED collimator
  • SpeedLink integration with high frequency x-ray generator, automates
  • mapping of anatomic programming (APR) presets from the exam selected at the technologist workstation.
  • High efficiency digital radiography detector, with fast image acquisition and display for exceptional image quality at gentle dose
  • Streamlined design fits the smallest spaces and as low as 8’ ceilings without limiting full-functionality
  • Technologist friendly features with collimator and system movement controls at the Bucky
  • Integrated safety features with multiple emergency stop buttons and collision sensors
  • Optional: Lightweight mobile patient imaging table, (max. patient weight 516lbs.)
  • Optional: (AEC) Automatic Exposure Control
  • Standard fixed 17×17″ tray (requires detector power box) or optional adjustable tray for removable 14×17″ or 17×17″ detector.

Unlimited Exam Possibilities

The Essentia SA has been intelligently designed to provide effortless system positioning and intuitive touchscreen operation. Quick, easy stand positioning along with motorized source-to-image-distance (SID) adjustment, enables a wide range of upright chest, abdomen and various oblique exams, as well as supine imaging with the optional mobile table. The system also features easy automated exposure parameter adjustments based on patient size, providing the accuracy, speed and efficiency to handle high patient caseloads.

FDX Console with Dynamic Visualization

System utilizes our latest technologist workstation and advanced digital image processing with simplified and customizable user interface. Allows exams to be completed in as few as 2 or 3 mouse clicks. Featuring a large touchscreen display and available secondary 2 megapixel display (option).

Provides immediate image previews, image manipulation, and secure reliable network connectivity. Also features SpeedLink integration which automates technique parameters to exam menus, to simplify adherence to site preferences and optimal dose lowering techniques.

IHE EI/DI exposure and deviation index and retake analysis functionality also included; along with IHE RDSR radiation dose structured reporting compatibility.


Fujifilm DR Detectors

FDR D-EVO III, FDR ES and SE Lite detectors (option) – System is designed for easy integration with any of Fujifilm’s lightweight, durable DR detectors. The standard adjustable bucky tray fits 14×17” or 17×17″ detectors and allows easy removal for free positioning exams. A fixed tray adapter for 17×17″ detector use can be installed in the bucky during initial service installation. Fixed tray requires detector power box. Smaller 10×12″ or 24x30cm detectors are also available for free positioning of smaller anatomy.

All detector models feature Fujifilm’s Patented ISS for low dose, low noise and exceptional image quality. Fujifilm’s latest FDR D-EVO III features a revolutionary glass-free design which maximizes durability and performance and makes them extremely lightweight.


Fujifilm Essentia SA Brochure


Essentia SA Specifications

  • Detector Capability:  System is configurable for use with Fujifilm’s 14×17” or 17×17” FDR D-EVO III, II, FDR ES or FDR SE Lite detectors
  • Voltage 120:  V~, 200-240 V~(±10%)
  • Current: 4 Amps@120 VAC or 2 Amps@200-240 VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz Single Phase
  • Generators with 3-point Control Console:
    • 40 kW single-phase, 230 VAC, 500 mA
    • 50 kW 3-phase, 230 VAC, 630 mA
    • 50 kW 3-phase, 480 VAC, 630 mA
    • 65 kW 3-phase, 480 VAC, 800 mA
  • X-ray Tubes with 0.6/1.0 mm focal spot
    • 200 kHu tube (w/40 or 50 kW gen)
    • 300 kHu tube (w/ 40, 50 or 65 kW gen)
  • Temperature Limits: 41 ~ 104°F
  • Relative Humidity Limits: 10 ~ 50%
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPA ~ 1060 hPA
  • Weight: 551 lbs. (250 kg)
  • Equipment not certified for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixtures with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide.

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