E-COM Digital Radiography Operating Console (DROC)

DROC is a Windows-based DR image acquisition workstation that provides complete control of all image capture functions for DR applications and delivers optimum image quality with lower dose.

DROC fully integrates with most imaging components as X-ray generators, flat panel detectors (FPD), collimators, DAPs, and mechanical positioning systems.

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Intuitive User Interface and Workflow

  • Full customization capability
  • Auto fit any display resolution
  • Dedicated exam protocols and positioning guides
  • Powerful functionalities for image processing, view, review, and print

Wide Ranged Hardware Compatibility

  • Full integration with most components including X-ray generators, FPDs, mechanical etc.
  • Support different flat panel detectors in one system
  • Powerful and flexible system configuration tool

Advanced Clinical Applications

  • Auto-Image Stitching
  • Dual-Energy Imaging
  • Digital Tomography Imaging

Adapt to Different Application Scenarios

  • Retrofit DR Application
  • Portable DR Application
  • Mobile DR Application
  • Fixed X-ray DR Application
  • Detector Sharing DR Application

Hight Image Quality and Lower Dose

  • Automatic image optimization with outstanding image quality.
  • Industry-leading Symphony TM image processing.
  • Contrast equalization helps to display images with complex structure.
  • Multiple predefined viewing protocol for each view can be customized for personal preference.

Image Stitching

  • Whole body X-ray imaging, long leg and long spine images for ortho applications.
  • View panoramic image with unified contrast.
  • Supports auto & manual stitching.
  • Integrates with mechanical positioning devices.

Grid Line Free Technology

  • Automatic grid line detection and suppression.
  • Accommodates cost-saving low-density grids for new and retrofit systems.

Intelligent Image Processing Engine

  • Artificial lntelligence(AI) embedded image processing technology.
  • Adaptive image acquisition.
  • Image content based windowing control. Auto collimator edge recognition.
  • Auto recognition and processing for metals.
  • Large data based self-learning and deep learning ability.

Wide Range Compatibility with 3rd Party Components

  • Full integration with most X-ray generators.
  • Easily build a complex DR system with different 3rd-party image chain components.
  • Supports OTC and U-arm in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes.
  • Ability to control and display collimator size, SID, tube angle, etc.
  • Auto image stitching works with most auto positioning mechanical systems.

Optimized for Wireless and Portable Applications

  • Live indications of detector battery, Wi-Fi, and communication status.
  • Auto image retrieve.
  • Battery replacement without console software reboot.
  • Auto network communication recovery.

Dose Management

  • Dose Area Product interface available for new and retrofit systems.
  • Reject analysis for dose tracking and monitoring.
  • Exposure Index and Deviation Index Guides.
  • Dose information displayed in DICOM header.
  • Support RDSR and MPPS.


DROC Software Specifications

System Management

  • User’s privilege and access control
  • Queue management for image print & send
  • Multiple statistics of system usages
  • Unified detector calibration workflow for all FPD’s

Wordlist Management

  • New patient and local study management
  • Edit existing patient and exam information
  • Virtual-man-based view selection

Image Acquisition

  • Generator communication & control
  • Built in APR’s can be manually overridden
  • Support multiple exposure synchronization modes
  • Graphic based patient positioning guide
  • Add, delete and copy a view easily

Image Processing

  • Auto post-processing with Symphony technology
  • Intelligent image brightness & contrast control
  • Auto collimator edge detection & image cropping
  • Auto image calibration (offset, gain, & bad pixels)

Image Management

  • Accept or reject an image
  • ROI, rotate invert, zoom, flip, magnify …
  • Add L/R marker, add text comments
  • Distance, angle & other measurement tools
  • Two study comparison (in Fly Viewer)
  • Mini PACS (Fly Viewer & Web Viewer)

Image Output

  • Powerful film composer
  • Export images as JPEG, BMP, TIFF & DICOM format
  • Support DICOM and Windows printers


  • Auto and manual imaging stitching for full body
  • Diagnostic report with customizable templates
  • Universal Mechanical Controller (UMC)
  • Intelligent grid line artifact detection & suppression
  • Cloud Share

DICOM 3.0 Conformance

Storage Options

  • Verification SCU and SCP
  • Storage & commitment SCU and SCP
  • Query & retrieve SCU & SCP
  • Auto transfer to multiple DICOM nodes
  • Radiation Dose Structured Report (RDSR)
  • Transfer status indication

Wordlist Options

  • Modality Worklist SCU
  • RIS code mapping between SPS and PPS
  • Modality Performed Procedure Step (MMPS) SCU

Print Options

  • Print Management SCU
  • Print status indication
  • Multiple printer configuration


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