Carestream DRX Core

Tap the Power of Full Digital X-ray

The Carestream DRX Core Detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now – quickly, easily and economically. It slides into your existing standard cassette-size tray, converting it to the speed and convenience of full digital. You get all of the benets of DR, while still leveraging your current investment.

The Core Detector is powered by Image Suite V4 Software – developed specifically to increase workflow efficiency in smaller facilities. It offers an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, excellent image quality and an advanced set of tools.

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DRX Core Detector

  • Full digital technology eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity.
  • The superb image quality of digital supports greater diagnostic condence.
  • Wireless option eliminates the hassles and trip hazards of cables.

Image Suite V4 Software

  • Streamlines your entire process, from image acquisition through archiving
  • Our advanced Image Suite Mini-PACS module offers a broad tool set, and allows superb image management and analysis
  • Perform backups to CDs and USB drives for reliable off-line storage

Image Suite V4

DRX Core + Image Suite V4 = Pristine Images and Higher Productivity.

If you’re a small- to mid-size hospital, urgent care facility or orthopaedic practice, you’ve no doubt considered upgrading to full digital imaging – but the cost may have held you back.

Here’s the answer. The DRX Core Detector, powered by our Image Suite V4 Software, makes the move to DR both simple and economical. And everyone in your facility will experience the benefits:

Radiologists will appreciate the excellent image quality, improved diagnostics, our low-dose Cesium option, and fast image capture and rendering.

Administrators will see productivity gains, more patients imaged in less time, potential space savings and higher utilization of fixed assets.

Technologists will achieve improved workflow, faster exam times and superb ease of use.

Patients benefit from shorter wait times, quicker diagnosis and the potential for earlier commencement of treatment.

Accelerate your workflow.

CR is a dependable imaging technology – but with many steps in the process, it can really slow you down. The DRX Core Detector and Image Suite V4 Software eliminate steps to speed your workflow.


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Carestream DRX Core 3543 Spec Sheet

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Carestream Image PACS Suite Software Features

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