AspenXDR is an economical and space-efficient x-ray room; designed for smaller imaging facilities looking to maximize their dollars and floorspace.

Aspen XDR has become one of the most commonly requested rooms from urgent care and small imaging practices across the Americas, as its high degree of flexibility makes nearly any view accessible, and it’s single-column design allows for simplified installations (1-1.5 days), minimizing the need for costly room modifications. As with all Aspenstate provided x-ray rooms, the ApenXDR is assembled and pre-staged at our ISO 13485 facility in Plano, Texas.

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Tube Head and Touch Screen Display
  • 7 Ft. column height: One of the most compact in the industry
  • A conveniently placed all-lock release sensor is located on the tube head handle, allowing the operator to simple grab the handle and unlock the system, to make effortless adjustments
  • Column Movement:
    • SID: Motorized
    • Tube rotation: Manual, counter-balanced using the all-lock release mechanism
  • Display with bright LCD screen on the tube housing, displaying SID and angle of tube rotation
    • Service engineer calibration mode built into the display, offering simplicity when installing the unit
System Flexibility
  • A wide range of movement, making nearly any examination possible
    • Detector tilting: +/- 45 °
    • Arm rotation: -30° – 120°
    • Tube rotation: +/- 90°
  • An optional portable patient table offered with our aspenXDR system. Portable patient table adds more positions, and with a 520 lb weight capacity, it is one of the most robust portable tables offered in the market
  • Straight Arm Power Requirement: No need to worry about additional power to operate the aspenXDR, as the system plugs directly into a residential power outlet
Under the Hood
  • Durable powder coated finish that will withstand beyond the life cycle of any equipment any medical cleaning products
  • Powered by an ultra high frequency CPI CMP200DR (32-80 kW), manufactured in Canada, with an installation base of over 60,000 x-ray generators worldwide
  • X-ray tube: Canon Electron Tubes and Devices (140 kHu – 600 kHu), manufactured in Japan, is one of the largest medical x-ray tube manufacturers globally
  • Anti-Scatter x-ray grid
    • Materials: Carbon Interspaced with Carbon Fiber for superlative image quality
    • 103 Line Pair
    • Ratio: 10:1


  • The smallest footprint of any straight arm system: Less than 7′ tall, the system comfortably fits into rooms with 8′ ceilings
  • System dimensions: 51 w x 80 h x 41 d
  • Counter-balanced unit that can be smoothly positioned
  • Chin guard for enhanced patient comfort
  • Supports a 17 x 17 flat panel detector that doesn’t need to be removed for any position, reducing the risk of handling a portable wireless detector
  • LED touch screen displaying SID and Degrees
  • Fast motorized SID adjustment: 40″ to 72″
  • Easy manual tube rotation +/- 90
  • Detector rotation +/- 45


Aspenstate AspenXDR Brochure (PDF)


SID Adjustment: 40″ – 72″ 

Arm Rotation Angle: -30° – 120° 

Vertical Travel: 400 – 1700 mm 

Bucky Rotation: +/- 45 degrees 

Vertical Lift and Carrier Arm: Electromagnetic braking 

Power Requirements: 4 amps at 110-120 VAC 

Height: 80″

Width: 51″

Depth: 41″

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