Fuji Mammography X-Ray Films

For unsurpassed quality in the most demanding environment
Fujifilm Medical Systems offers a complete line of mammography x-ray imaging solutions including a variety of film-screen mammography systems. The product line provides the flexibility and customization that will produce images of unsurpassed quality in the most demanding environment.

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Fuji Mammography UM-MA HC film is a single-coated, orthochromatic, green sensitive film designed for use in all mammography applications where high speed, high contrast and high resolution are essential. When used in conjunction with Fuji single green-emitting mammographic intensifying screen UM Mammo Fine and UM Mammo Medium, UM-MA HC enables accurate diagnosis in mammography, providing excellent visibility of micro calcifications and minute tumors in the breast. Processing is accomplished in 90 second or extended cycle.

This mammography film should only be used in combination with a single green-emitting rare-earth screen and the final image density of the processed film depends on the exposure and processing conditions.

Fuji AD-M

Fuji AD-M film is part of a unique mammography system combining the latest technology in film and intensifying screen advancements to achieve remarkable image quality for mammography. Designed to yield high contrast, dmax and sharpness with minimal noise, the ad mammography system consistently satisfies the high demand imposed on a mammography film/screen imaging system.


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