Dent-X Film Processing Developer & Fixer

Dent-X Excel, IFP, Easy Clean

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Excel Ready to Use Chemistry

Packaged 2 gallon developer and 2 gallon fixer
Ready to use with automatic film processors. Pre-diluted, color coded, simply open the bottle and add to your film processor. Ensures cleared films, cleaner working processor, excellent resistance to oxidation, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous.

IFP Developer and IFP Fixative

Packaged 2 gallon developer and 2 gallon fixative
Developer and fixative for instant film processing. Pre-diluted, ready to use for hand tank rapid and endo film development in less than 60 seconds.

IFP Endo Pak Pint Set

Packaged 1 pint developer and 1 pint fixative
Pre-diluted, ready to use, for chair side endo processing. Formulated to provide archival x-rays for all x-ray films in less than 60 seconds.

Dent-X Easy Clean Processor Transport Powder

Packaged 12 x 116 grams/packet or 48 packets /case
A general purpose x-ray processor cleaner that is environmentally safe and easy to use. Effective in cleaning the accumulated residue on developer, fixer tanks and wash roller transports.

Dent-X Excel Concentrate Dental Evacuation System Cleaner

Packaged 4 x ½ gallon bottles and 1 calibrated pump
For wet and dry vacuum systems, non-foaming and safe for amalgam separators and septic systems. Dispenser attaches onto the half-gallon bottle for measuring. One pump stroke makes 1 liter of cleaner solution.


Excel Dental Evacuation System Cleaner

Dent-X Excel & IFP Chemistry