Indicator-Stop Bath

WMI Indicator-Stop Bath is a low-odor acetic stop bath.
Used in photographic processing to stop the action of a developer on a film, plate, or paper. It helps to prolong the life of the fixer solution by reducing the carryover of excess developer (alkaline) into the fixer (acidic) and to maintain the activity of the fixer.

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  • Catalog #: PH-IND STOP BATH 16 x16
  • Contents: 16 fluid ounces (473 ml) Per Bottle 16 Bottles per Case
  • Indicator: The indicator component contains a dye that is pH sensitive and changes color from yellow to purple to signal exhaustion.
  • Note: It is not recommended for machine processing applications as the short fix and wash times often used may leave a residual dye stain on films and prints.
  • Use:
    • Dilution:  1+63 1 Pint (16oz) makes 8 Gallons
      Dilute 16 mL with 984 ML = 1 Liter
    • Temperature range: 18–24 ºC (64–75ºF)
    • Time for film and paper: 10 Seconds 20ºC (68ºF) Minimum

The process time given is the minimum required, a longer time in the stop bath may be used if necessary. If staining occurs, thorough washing will remove it.


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